Saturday, 26 May 2012

My online jewellery haul and first Impression

I think facebook is a good platform for all those who want to start local business... I checked so many pages where people are trading International Make-up, Jewellery and other beauty stuff ... I am a shopoholic and every thing beautiful fascinates me so I end up purchasing lot and lot of make up items... Now a days most of Facebook online stores are updating their photos with jewellery items... This jewellery comes with a tag of IMPORTED and it  looks so beautiful in pictures that everyone want to buy...
I came across a store named Diva store to buy some nail stuff but an album tagged JEWELLERY caught my attention and I ended up buying almost 5-6 jewellery  items along with some feoms and glitters...\

lets see what I ordered from the store

ear rings n studs

Now lets see what I got

every thing was packed in separate transperent wrappers 

Out of three rings I ordered this is the only ring I liked for its quality

 I bought this ring for my 200 follower celebration give-away
yes I am planning a give-away

 I dont like the quality of this ring it  is rough

  Diva store sent me this ring as a free gift ^_^ thank you shoo much

 Big chnks of glitter I love this stuff

as a whole I am happy with my black cat ear rings, my guitar ear studs, my bow ring, my nail stuff....

my double ring, and poker ring for their quality

I will request to all store owners that please show the pictures of the stuff you have because one can easily get an idea of quality and material...In future I will shop from  on-line jewellery stores but I will definitely see the picture of product which they have with them...

Do check  Diva store they have amazing nail art stuff and jewellery with them...

What is your on-line  jewellery  shopping experience do share with me....
see yaa


  1. free gift is most lovely:D I am not much into animal jewellery but overall the haul is superb :)

  2. i also like ur free gift. its luking very beautiful :p

  3. Awesome haul! I love the last ring!

  4. cute jewels!!! love the earrings!!

  5. I love the jewellery especailly the rings they are really cute. :)

  6. Omg the anchor ring is like SUPER adorbs.

  7. Loved all the stuff you got specially the anchor ring...
    BTW thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a sweet comment.

  8. Wow that was so beautiful jewellery, I wish I wear that rings in my fingers. This is so lovely blog.

  9. Hi, I really like your presentation with information.I hope that women everywhere will wear this jewelry and feel the passion and love that is, to me, the real spirit of True Harmony.

  10. that was so beautiful jewellery,rings they are really cute.

  11. Do check the store named jewelleria on facebook.They have some awesome stuff.

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